Victoria's Class


Welcome the Springfield Annex; we are located over on the Lindsworth school site and all of our children are in Year 5 and 6.

The staff in our class our Vicky, the class teacher, Katy, the pastoral and learning manager as well as Helen, and Harry, the pastoral and learning support.

This half term we will be studying 'Frozen Kingdom' as out imaginative learning project. We will be taking a trip back in time to learn about how the Titanic sank. As part of the project, we will be looking at Antarctica and  the Arctic- focusing on the animals and inuits who inhabit the areas.

Our book study during the half term will be 'The Eye of the Wolf', which tells the story of how a Wolf ended up in captivity and meets a young boy who changes his life forever.

The children will have the opportunity to participate in music, D&T (cooking) and PE lessons delivered by external teachers.