Ant's and Annie's Class

Welcome to our class page. We are a year 5 and 6 class situated in the walled garden area of the school. Our class in made up of 7 boys and 1 girl. We are lucky to have two teachers in our class; Ant is taking part in the Schools Direct teaching program and Annie supports her and teaches on the days that she is at university. As well as Annie and Ant we also have Joanna and Rebecca to support us, they work with us throughout the week.

Last term, after the Christmas break, the children came back rested and ready to work hard. We were sorry to say good bye to Ant, who has gone to spend a term at another school as part of his training, however we are pleased to welcome Kara who joined us in his place for the spring term. Our Topic last term was Mess, Muck and Mixtures. As you can imagine this involved a lot of experiments, exploration and getting messy. We had great fun!

Amongst the many exciting activities we planned we read George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl; designed and creating our own monsters using a whole range of weird and wonderful materials and fabrics; carried out experiments on everyday materials, as well as making marvelous mixtures using a range of reactive ingredients. 


We really enjoyed our time with Kara but now it is time for Ant to return for the rest of the year.  We will miss Kara but we certainly will not forget her.  We learnt lots of wonderful and exciting things and had great fun along the way.  Please see the photographs and information below about Kara's Legacy project, 'The Secret Garden', which we will continue to work on and enjoy for many years to come.

'In Kara and Annie's class, they have been working on the secret garden outside their classroom to make the garden space sensory and inviting. They have been learning lots about the different plants and how we can take care of the garden space. Kara is really proud of all the children in her class for pushing themselves and putting in hard work. It is a project that will continue to be organic and evolving where the children will be encouraged to use the space  across the curriculum as well as using the garden space for therapeutic horticulture. Home base in Solihull have kindly donated some wonderful plants for our secret garden, herbs that we can smell, strawberries that we can eat and beautiful bright flowers we can enjoy. We are very thankful to Soraya from Homebase for her enthusiasm in helping us with our project! Once we have planted everything, we hope to send Homebase some updated pictures of the plants they donated.'