Lisa's Class

Welcome to Lisa’s class page.  We are a year three class and the adults in class are: Lisa (teacher), Ann (pastoral learning support manager) and Veronica (pastoral learning support).  More importantly, the children are: Amie, Bryan, Callum, Devine, Isaac, Lewis, Louie and Xander.


The children have settled in very well to their new class and have started the year with an exciting topic called “Australian Adventure”.  We have researched and written fact files about Australian animals before compiling an Aussie dictionary, created our own verses for “Kookaburra Sits In the Old Gum Tree” and written Aboriginal dreamtime stories.  We had a very special visitor to class: Merlin, who is Lisa’s son Byron’s bearded dragon.  The children all enjoyed holding him and learning about what he eats and where he is from (Australia).


We have learnt about the seven continents and five oceans of the world, the location of Australia, and the territories within it.  We have found out how convicts were transported to Australia, with many settling there and other reasons for migration to Australia.,  We are starting to learn about aborigine traditions and will be creating some aboriginal art soon.  We Skyped Rosa, Lisa’s niece, who is working as a doctor in Australia, and found out all sorts of interesting things including that she lives near a crocodile farm for misbehaving crocodiles!


At the start of the second Autumn half term we will paint boomerangs, make mini bull roarers and design our own didgeridoos during art and music sessions.  Last half term we baked deliciours lamington cakes and anzac biscuits to taste some traditional Australian treats and we painted beautiful Uluru sunsets.


During maths, we have been concentrating on learning our times tables, basic number skill such as adding, subtracting, ordering and comparing numbers and have started to investigate the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and to measure length, capacity and mass.


We have learnt about animals, including humans during science lessons.  We learnt about how animals produce offspring and that they grow and change as they become adults.  We also found out about animals’ basic needs for survival and learnt why it is important to eat a healthy balanced diet, exercise and follow hygiene rules.  We will be moving onto a new topic on living things and their habitats where we will first determine the difference between things that are living, dead or have never been alive.


Midway through the term we will be starting our new topic: Great and Ghastly Events, which will involve a whistle stop tour through history, stopping briefly at the Gunpowder Plot, The Great Fire of London, the sinking of the Titanic,both World Wars, The Moon Landing, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and the London Olympics.  We will be very busy!  This topic will continue up until the end of the first Spring half term.