Frances' Class

Welcome to Frances Beardsmore's class page.

As a class this term we are delving into the realms of all things gruesome as we will be learning all about the gory aspects of the Black Death and how life was for people in England around that time.

There has been a slight change with the adults in our class. This term we have Frances, Linda and Naseem. The children are Khalisha, Dylan, Troy, Adam, Aidah, Mahurfur, Jake and Neyo. We all continue to have a fantastic approach to our learning and are always willing to have a go and try our best.

Throughout our topic Princes, Peasants and Pestilence we will use a variety of nonfiction writing to help us develop our understanding of the time period and write some non-chronological reports to share what we have learnt.

Our maths lessons this term will cover units of work on number, shape, fractions, measurement, solving problems and handling data. We will continue to develop our basic skills through our weekly Number Wizard tests and targeted practise sessions.

Alongside this science lessons will focus on understanding how bacteria grows and how hygiene can affect the spread of disease.

This half term most of our work will be focused on learning about 14th Century England. We will find out about the Black Death and the devastating effect it had on the people of the time. We will learn about the different roles and positions of people in society and in particular how knights were viewed and whether they lived up to these expectations. During our geography lessons we will be discovering the origin of the Black Death and plotting its movement across the map. We will examine the layout of towns and villages in the 14th century and look at the effect of this on the spread of the disease

Please visit our page to see how we are getting on. Don’t forget to have a look at our class photos as you will see some of the children’s outstanding work.

If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact us.