Stuart's Class

Welcome to Class Stuart Albutt’s page.

In our class, the children are Alfie, Chad, Chloe, Cody, Daniel, Katie, Rhylie and Sean.

We are now well into our Spring Term following the excitement of snow days, the Christmas holidays and New Year. We hope you all had a fantastic holiday.

Our main topic last half term wa­s Artbot. The class have learnt about electricity. They have looked at the safety aspects related to electricity and how to create simple and parallel circuits. They have made a model car, which we will be finishing off early this term. We have looked carefully at designing and making a product. The children have worked on following and making instructions and have written a story based on The Iron Man.

This half-term our topic is Playlist. We will be examining a range of music and how it makes the children feel. We will be writing poems, song lyrics and making posters and information leaflets. Alongside this, we will find out about the science of sound.

Please take a look at the pictures which show you some of the things we have done last half-term.


Stuart, Lisa, Claire and Shah (Class SA team)