Stuart's Class

Welcome to Class SA’s page.

In our class the adults are Stuart, Caitlin, Rukshana and Shah. The children are Alfie, Chad, Chloe, Cody, Daniel, Katie, Rhylie and Sean.

Our main topic last half term wa­s Buildings. The class have looked at landmarks around Europe and have studied changes to buildings over time.

In Science, we looked at what is needed for plants to grow, flowers and how seeds disperse.

This term the children are doing a topic called Artbot. They will be creating a moving vehicle that can draw a line. Alongside the design and making aspects of the topic, the children will be learning about electricity. The safety aspects related to electricity and how to create simple and parallel circuits.

Please take a look at the pictures which show you some of the things we have done last term.


Stuart, Caitlin, Rukshana and Shah