Janine's Class

Spring Term 2 – Rich and Poor Victorians

We have continued to learn about the lives of poor Victorian children as well as taking part in a range of activities to celebrate World Book Day, Sports Relief and Science Week.

In English, our focus has been on using speech marks to punctuate dialogue. The children have applied this knowledge to rewrite part of Street Child by Berlie Doherty to show the relationship between Jim Jarvis and Grimy Nick.

In maths, we have been consolidating our knowledge on dividing using formal and informal methods. The children have been solving worded problems involving division and multiplication. They have been revising their knowledge of shapes and properties of shapes including types of angles and lines of symmetry. We have been using information from themed weeks to collect and draw bar charts related to the type of characters which pupils and staff dressed in for World Book Day 2018, as well as our individual and class results for out challenges during Sports Week.

During World Book Week, the children focussed on sketching skills to draw a favourite character from a book. They also took part in a reading challenge whereby they had to read in a range of unusual places. They enjoyed partnering up and reading a book to another pupil from Lisa’s class. We also began writing a story based on a key. This was passed onto Pete’s class to continue and then Fiona’s class to complete. Check out the school website to read our amazing suspense story.

Science Week was a spectacular week. The children were enthralled to learn about Joseph William Bazelgette and his invention of the sewers in Victorian times. They became real engineers themselves whereby they had to make some type of container to hold a tomato and transport the tomato from desk height to at least metre away without catapulting or throwing the tomato. I thought this would a hard task but was truly amazed at the children’s own ideas. They were totally engrossed in the making, testing, re-designing and re-testing their designs. The Science Boffin Team helped the children to learn about solids, liquids and gases as well as allowing the children to make ice-cream with dry ice and cream. The Science Boffin team also led an amazing assembly testing touch paper, lung capacity and high pressure.

Sports Relief week encouraged us all to consider how healthy and active our lifestyles are. We took part in a number of challenges on a daily basis. These included the following: Hula Hoop challenge, Skipping Challenge, Football Skills Challenge, Throwing and Catching Challenge and Walk a Mile Challenge.

We have enjoyed our weekly cooking sessions. The children are now more able to read and follow a recipe, measure out ingredients with accuracy, have developed skills in beating, folding, whisking, cutting and peeling. I hope you have enjoyed the lovely Victorian sponge cakes, Lemon Buns and Cottage Soup that the children have made.

In computing, we have been learning about the tools on Microsoft Publisher to create art work based on William Morris.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Safeside. The children did not want to leave and had so many more questions to ask. They learnt so many facts about looking after themselves and others around the following scenarios: water safety at canals and at the beach, keeping themselves safe while travelling on public transport including buses, trains and cars, car safety, crossing roads safely, looking at fire hazards in the home and what to do in case of a fire in the home.

We continue every day to learn and develop skills to enable us to deal with managing our frustrations and coping with minor disputes. We are using the ‘Eight Secrets of Success’ to showcase our successes. So far we have focussed on ‘working hard’, ‘concentrating’ and ‘pushing ourselves’.  Due to flooding in our classroom, the children moved out and spent two weeks working in the stables. They were a true credit to themselves as they accepted the change well and settled in quickly in the stables, as well as help move items back into the class-- once it was cleaned and ready for our return.