Janine's Class

We have had another fun-filled and exciting half term using volcanoes as a basis of our learning.

In English, our focus has been on using adjectives for interest, adverbs to show how quickly things happen and how to express feelings and thoughts in different ways. The children then applied these skills when writing their own story about a volcanic eruption.

 The children have learned about the formation of volcanoes and what causes volcanoes to erupt.  They have studied the eruption of Mount St Helen’s in 1985 and Mount Vesuvius in 79AD and are now aware of the devastation caused by volcanic eruptions. Through examining sketches, they were able to grasp an idea of life in Pompeii in 79AD before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. We have also looked at videos of Pompeii today and have compared changes and discussed how evidence has been preserved. But why would people live near to a volcano? The children were intrigued to learn about the benefits of living near to a volcano.

 In maths, we have been consolidating our knowledge on the properties of 3D shapes, as well as measuring capacity, converting measures of length, improving our skills in reading clocks and telling the time, and using division to solve worded problems.

What is a solid, liquid and a gas and what may cause them to change?  The children have used their own ideas to test ways in which materials may change. As a result, they are more familiar with the meaning of a method, how to keep an investigation fair, what to measure, what equipment is required and identifying the variable. They were able to record their findings in charts provided and explain their findings orally or in written sentences.

Using paper Mache and other materials of their choice, the children have created amazing 3D volcanic sculptures- which they will be bringing home soon. We have also used decoupage skills to decorate jars as Christmas gifts.

In November we visited Nuneaton Food Bank to deliver all of the items that were brought into school for Harvest Festival. It was wonderful to see the children asking lots of questions about the food bank and to realise how food banks are important for lots of people and for many different reasons. The children helped to stock shelves in the warehouse and pack a food box for an individual person.  Using Microsoft PowerPoint and tools of transitions, animations and sound bites, they have all created their own PowerPoint to explain about the importance of food banks. These will be shown in assembly next year to encourage pupils and staff to donate more items to Nuneaton Food Bank.

What is the nativity story? Through RE lessons, the children have learnt about the events leading up to the birth of Jesus, as well as the importance of giving at Christmas time.

We continue every day to learn and develop skills to enable us all to become sensible, mature people including using strategies to help us cope in various situations. It is lovely to see the whole class bonding more as a team, showing compassion and supporting each other on a daily basis.

Our next topic will be focussing on the life of poorer children and families in Victorian times.








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