Janine's Class

Summer Term 1 – Dig for Victory

Our topic ‘Dig for Victory’ focusses on World War 2. The children have been learning about countries which were involved in World War 2 and have discussed reasons for why the war started in the first place. They have been watching a programme about a family before World War 2 and during World War 2 to see how the war impacted on their lives.

They have also been finding out about Anderson Shelters and what they were like. Using a range of evidence, including recounts from people who used Anderson Shelters in World War 2, the children constructed their own Anderson Shelters. The criteria being that it was to be made out of a frame of plastic straws, had to fit on a piece of A4 paper and could be of any height. It could then be covered in any material of their choice. Through revising 3D shapes in maths, the children each created amazing and creative Anderson shelters, built from different 3D shapes and coverings. But then came the next bit. How well would their Anderson shelter stand against the dropping of bombs? Of course we couldn’t use bombs but the children came up with creative ideas on how to test the strength of their Anderson Shelters by considering dropping increasing amounts of weight, one at a time. They had to consider how to keep the investigation fair, what the variable would be, how we would measure the impact on the Anderson Shelters and how to record results, as well as identify what the results showed. 

The children have also made lovely flowers out of clay.

It was a true delight to have Lilian Poole visit us in class to share her memorable experiences about being in World War 2. The children were very respectful and asked lots of intriguing questions

In English, our main focus has been on paragraphing and paragraphing writing according to changes in person, dialogue, time or place. The children then applied this knowledge and knowledge about Anderson Shelters to write an imaginary recount of being in an Anderson Shelter over the course of one night during World War 2.

In maths, we have been consolidating our knowledge on adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying using formal written methods. The children have been putting their measuring skills to good use and measuring accurately in centimetres and millimetres, including measuring their own miniature built Anderson shelters in centimetres and millimetres.

We have spent time ‘Digging for Victory’ by clearing our class allotment plot. There were lots of weeds and also additional finds of potatoes and onions from last year’s crop. The children have planted more potatoes as well as tomatoes, French beans and mint. Let’s hope for super weather to help our plants grow and flourish.

In computing, we have been learning how to send emails and attachments. The children sent a story as an attachment to another person in the class, who continued the story. This was great fun as the children couldn’t wait to receive their email and what part they were to complete next.

Another wonderful class assembly based on a modern day version of ‘St George and the Dragon’ was performed at the start of the term. It was incredible to see the children develop their own scripts and lines- as well as ad libs- doing the performance. We have budding actors in the midst.

We continue every day to learn and develop skills to enable us to deal with managing our frustrations and coping with minor disputes and dealing with everyday life.  We are using the ‘Eight Secrets of Success’ to showcase our successes. In the last six weeks we have focussed on ways to improve, understand others and to not to give up.