Jo's Class

Jo, Julie and Sue’s Class

This half term, we are going to be very busy designing and making structures.  Starting by looking at famous bridges we are going to design and make our own.  The children will present their work on bridges using Microsoft Powerpoint.

Next, we will take on the challenge of posting a pringle to ourselves!  Why you may ask?  Well, it will give us the chance to explore different types of packaging; and to try out ideas for strengthening paper.

What we find out about strengthening paper will come in handy when we look at different types of bridge, later on.  We will be reading traditional tales that have structures in them: the Three Billy Goats Gruff and Rapunzel, to see if we can write our own alternative versions.  We can then read these to some of the younger children in the school.

Spring is here, so we will be planting seeds to watch over and grow over the whole summer term.  Also, watch out for more information on our hobby horse tournament next half term to raise money for the RDA, who fund our Wednesday horse riding sessions.