Jo's Class

This term we will be exploring a theme of Great and Ghastly Events!


As historians, we will continue to study significant events in Britain’s past, some that were great and some that were ghastly!  We will look at some of the big events we have seen in our lifetimes such as family events and starting school.  We will explore how we felt at these events and the effect they had on us. We will then go on to place some of the big events we have learned about already into chronological order onto a timeline: the Gun Powder Plot, the Crimean War and the First World War.  We will go on to learn about other big events like the Great Fire of London and the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II; and smaller ones like the successive families who lived at Springfield House over its lifetime. As mathematicians, we have comparing numbers and putting them in order.

As scientists, we will review our understanding of forces, and then go onto investigate magnetic forces. We have started by talking about whether we use pulls or pushes when we play with balls or with playground equipment.

As artists, we will be learning how to draw people and to use these skills to paint a picture inspired by a real life artist. 

As designers, we will start to look at inventors and inventions with a view to coming up with ideas for our own inventions at school and home.