Springfield House Football Team

The Team

Sam Tidmus (Manager)
Shah Mansoob (Assistant Manager)
John Gallagher (Coach)

Springfield Football team has been up and running since 2008. The team trains each Wednesday and also have the opportunity to visit Villa Park and other venues to play against other teams.

If your child gets selected to represent Springfield House football team:

Please can you encourage your child to take responsibility for their actions. They will be asked to sign a contract which highlights our expectations of the players. A copy of this will be kept at school and another sent home for your reference.


All team members will have two charts which will be displayed in the changing areas. The first is to show good sportsmanship. Each time an act of sportsmanship is displayed by your child they will receive a green goal. When they have achieved three green goals a certificate will be awarded in  assembly. When two charts have been completed the player will earn themselves a trip to Conkers at the end of the season (May time). The second chart is to monitor behaviour during training and matches. A yellow card will be given for any behaviour deemed unacceptable. If a child receives three yellow cards, a red card will be issued and this will result in your child being taken off the team. ‘Player of the day’ will be awarded after matches held at Villa Academy. The chosen player will receive a certificate and a trophy to take home.

The school will provide all kit needed, including shin pads and astroturf boots. Your child may bring their own shoes but studs are not permitted, if a children brings studded shoes in to school they will not be allowed to wear them.

If our team are successful they will have a fantastic opportunity to play on the pitch at Villa Park.  We hope that this inspires the players to put a hundred percent into both their training and matches.

Kind regards

Sam Tidmus & Shah.

Letters to parents/carers

Any letters that are sent to parents/carers will appear here.



Stuart Broadaway, Principal Care Coordinator at Springfield House, entered a Muller Wiseman competition to win a football kit for our team.  We were very lucky to win the competition and below are the pictures of us in our kit. (2015/2016 season)


A big thank you goes to Tariq Hussain, managing director at NT Wholesale Footware Ltd., who has donated football boots for our school team.   www.ntwholesalefootware.com