School Council

Hello and welcome to our School Council page!

At Springfield House School, our school council consists of 13 children. We have a child from each class from KS1 to KS2. We also have a child that represents residence. 


The school council aims to meet twice a term to try and make our school a healthier and happier place to be. During our meetings we discuss issues and try to solve problems that arise.


Within our school we have a suggestion box where children have the opportunity to write down their views. Every meeting we go through the suggestion box and discuss the matters that have been put forward. 


Minutes of the meeting are taken and then each representative reports back to the rest of their class, informing them on what has been discussed. These minutes are also displayed on our school council notice board so everyone has a chance to view them. 


Since establishing our School Council we have helped to make changes to our school in a number of ways.

Here are some of the changes we made during 2016-2017: 

  • School Council suggested that we have a school newspaper. We now have this! 
  • The children asked if they can use the pirate adventure as they felt it was not going to good use. We took this suggestion on board and it has now been moved to KS1 for them to use.
  • The children asked if we can have after school clubs. Although school used to be able to offer this, sadly the funding was cut several years ago.  This used to cover the costs of staffing and the transport needed to take children home afterwards. 
  • The children asked if they can have School Council badges to show that they represent School Council. They now have these!
  • The children from School Council now have the responsibility to show our visitors around school. While having the opportunity to show them around they are able to discuss their time in Springfield House School.

There is still a lot we are trying to achieve. Some things take time, others a lot of money! However, we all agree that School Council is a good way for the pupils of Springfield House School to take an active role in making the school how they want it to be. 


These are the children apart of our School Council:

Daniel P, Daniel N, Lucy, Charlie, Neeko, Xander, Nykhah, Akeel, Kody, Leighton, Alfie, Dylan and Kelsey.

The staff are Kerry Prendergast and Rukshana Begum.


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