The School Day

Morning Activities

Breakfast Club

This is an opportunity for pupils to share what they have been doing over the weekend with the rest of their class. Fresh juice, cereals and toast are provided at this time. There is no assembly on Monday morning.


Whole school assemblies are between 09.50 to 10.10 Tuesday to Friday. (These times will be updated to take into account the change of the start and finish  times of the school day) 

Tuesday –Class Assembly
There is a theme for each week of the school year, for example, ‘New Beginnings’ or ‘Staying Safe’.  Each class is allocated several of these themes throughout the year.  When it is their turn, they present a suitable assembly to the rest of the school

Wednesday – Work Display
Each week  a different class share all of their hard work and experiences with the rest of the school.

Thursday – .Good News Assembly
One child from each class shares their good news with the rest of the school. It is also a time to celebrate the pupils birthdays.

Friday – Celebration Assembly
This is a time to celebrate achievements across the school.   These include awards for: behaviour, attendance, spellings, Number Wizard, sports, kindness and much more. 

Opening Hours 

Reception Office - 07.30 to 16.45 Mon - Fri

Morning Session  - 9.30am start               (Note- 9am start from Sept 3rd 2019)

Lunchtime -                                         
11.45am to 12.45pm (RM & JK classes)   12.15pm to 1.15pm (rest of school)
Lunch Menu

Afternoon Session Starts
                                Start -
RM & JK -12.45pm                                  Rest of school 1.15pm 

School Closes to Pupils                      Monday to Thursday school finishes at 3.30pm.   (3pm from Sept 3rd 2019)                                               

Friday school finishes at 3pm. (1.30pm from Sept 3rd 2019)