Eco Schools

The Green Ninjas

We formed an Eco committee on 05/02/13 with a rep from each class and residence, which meets each half term.

The children voted for it to be called ‘The Green Ninja’s’.

Our achievements so far are

  • We held a whole school energy saving day on 12/02/13, where everyone was tasked with switching off unwanted lighting and computers. We reduced energy usage across the school compared to the same day a week previously. This has resulted in a £6.25 saving for that day. It doesn’t sound much but over a school year that would be approximately £1200 in savings!
  • We took part in National Waste Week 11th -> 15th March 2013. The focus was “Lunchtime Crunchtime” where we looked at our food waste from lunchtimes. The committee worked with Tracy (catering manager) & Glenn (site supervisor) to weigh Thursday’s preparation waste and food waste each week for 10 weeks. We now re-use it each week to make compost for our horticulture beds.
  • We have met the five criteria for the bronze award for Eco Schools and were awarded it on 25/06/13.
  • We also achieved the Birmingham Sustainable schools Award and were very proud to attend the Sustainable Award ceremony at the Council House in Birmingham on Fri 27th September 2013. Two students – Jack & Maddison were a credit to the school.
  • We took part in National Switch off Fortnight 18th -> 29th Nov 2013. We were busy encouraging everyone to switch off equipment when it is not needed and also to ‘say goodbye to standby’. Miss Morley’s class monitored the progress of the whole school and reported back in assemblies during the week of 25th Nov. Many areas of the school are now leaving less equipment/lights on as a result. We encouraged everyone to continue with this after the end of the campaign and also to spread the word at home. The campaign ended with ‘a day in the dark’ on Fri 29th Nov, where class teams were not allowed the use of electrical items during the school day!
  • We are taking part in National Waste Week again 3rd -> 7th March 2014. This year the focus is on one of the most widely talked about types of waste: plastics. We will be launching this in an assembly and also giving the children an activity to do at home.

We are currently working towards the Eco Schools Silver award.

Jane Bishop
Head of School
Green Ninja’s Eco Committee


Environmental Protection Websites

Generation Green - Scroll down the page and then click on 'Find your school' enter the postcode B93 0AJ then click on our school name to access the site and find out what we have been up to.

Nature Detectives - a variety of online games, activities and downloads from the Woodland Trust.

The Pod - Website 'Helping Schools become more sustainable.'

Severn Trent Water - Work with Springfield House School on grounds conservation and improving the learning environment.