At Springfield House, we recognise that technology plays a huge part in modern life and will only become more integral as our children grow up. We appreciate that our children’s access to technology outside of school varies widely and we therefore aim to equip every child to confidently use all forms of technology as well as developing a solid understanding of how computers work. We also aim to develop children’s perception of technology as a tool for learning, innovation and discovery. Our curriculum aims to embed technology throughout all subjects and allow every pupil hands-on experience of a variety of hardware and software. Children have the opportunity to use technology to enhance their learning in all subjects as well as learn computer science discreetly. Ultimately, children should leave Springfield House as confident, able and responsible digital citizens.

At the start of each academic year our computing curriculum focuses heavily on how to teach children the skills they need to be safe and confident online.  To do this we use the 'Be Internet Legends' scheme of work, developed by Google in partnership with the educators and online safety experts at Parent Zone.  The children undertake fun, age-appropriate learning experiences around four internet safety pillars:
• Think Before You Share (Be Internet Sharp)
• Check it’s For Real (Be Internet Alert)
• Protect Your Stuff (Be Internet Secure)
• Respect Each Other (Be Internet Kind)

The fifth pillar brings everything together. It provides interesting and valuable follow-up discussions we have in class.
• When in Doubt, Discuss (Be Internet Brave)


In Years 5 & 6 we also include lessons on digital well-being.  We helping pupils to manage and enjoy their digital lives is a shared endeavour.  We help families reflect on their tech and screen use in an open and collaborative way – and encouraging pupils to find the right balance.  Pupil well-being is already a core value at Springfield House School, and a whole-school approach is taken. We already check in with our pupils regularly to see how they are feeling, and to keep an eye on any notable mood or behaviour changes. Digital Well-being is an extension of that – in other words, we take concepts and approaches we  already use to support overall well-being, and applying them to the digital world.


Computing Yearly Overview

Computing Progression

Keeping Safe Online

Pupils at Springfield House School receive lessons and assemblies regarding how to keep themselves safe when online. However, it is important to know what your children are accessing and how to put in precautionary measures to ensure that they are only able to view content that is suitable to their age. If you would like advice about this please do not hesitate to contact school and we will assist you.  Below are some links that you may find useful.