School Council

We know that the children at Springfield have lots of good ideas about how to make our school an even better place to be.  For many years all the decisions at school were made by adults, however we now know that school council is the best way of children having their say and helping the adults make the best decisions for our school.

Roles and Responsibilities of School Councillors

  • Investigate the likes and dislikes of pupils at our school
  • Come up with new ideas of ways to improve our school
  • Plan and organise fun activities,visits and events for our school
  • Work alongside other adults in our school, to put forward new ideas and plan improvements for our school

Aims of our School Council

  • We work hard as a team of representatives for our class mates and make the school an even better place than it is already
  • We help all the children in the school to be able to have a voice in the improvements of our  school
  • We help to make pupils feel safe and happy
  • We encourage everyone to enjoy their time at school, to learn and to become the best they can be
  • We remember the world beyond our school and try to make a positive difference

School Council Committees.

Healthy Minds - Promoting mental well-being, friendships and online safety.

Healthy Living – Looking after our bodies, our school and our planet. 

Charity and Our Community – Looking for ways to help other people and good causes. 

School Fundraising – Finding ways to raise money and get resources for our school.