World Book Day 2018

Each teacher bought an interesting or unusual object to school. One teacher started a story with their class using the object.   The story was then passed to the next class who then continued the story, incorporating their teacher’s chosen object. Here are our stories:

Below are some of the photographs taken on the day.

Why teach English?

At Springfield House School, our philosophy of language is that the teaching of English has a crucial role to play in equipping learners with the language skills they need to become effective members of their own communities, the world of work, and of society in general.

The study of English develops pupils’ ability to use language for a wide range of purposes. Learning about the patterns, structures and origins of language enables pupils to gain an understanding of how language works, and how to use it to its greatest effect in a range of situations. Developing pupils’ abilities to listen, speak, read and write enables them to learn more efficiently, and also to express ideas, views and feelings more effectively.

All our pupils, irrespective of age, ability, gender and ethnic origin are entitled to participate fully in, and benefit from a broad range of appropriate English teaching and learning activities at every stage of their education.   To this end, learners at Springfield House School are provided with positive images through their reading of literature.  All pupils are entitled to experience success rather than failure from their English learning activities.

Please click on the link to read our English Policy or our Phonics Policy.