Secrets of Success

What is success?
Success isn’t just about money. It is about happiness, choices and feeling good about yourself. Successful people feel  good about:
• how hard they have tried
• who they are
• what they spend their time doing
• the choices they have made in their lives.

Here are some things everyone should know...
• You are not born successful.
• Everyone has setbacks and failures.
• The first step to success is choosing.

DO YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL?  EVERYONE can be successful by following the eight secrets.

  • Try New Things 
  • Work Hard
  • Concentrate
  • Push Yourself
  • Imagine
  • Improve
  • Understand Others
  • Don't Give up

The step we are all focusing on at school at the moment is 'Trying New Things.'

The first step to success is finding something to be good at. Successful people are always trying new things.  How many new things have you tried this week?

Successful people love what they are doing.  They have found their E ZONE.
You know you are there when...
• work feels like play
• time flies by
• you just don’t want to stop
• you don’t notice anything else.
If you don’t try lots of new things you might never find your E ZONE.
So… keep trying new things. 

Successful people
*Try lots of new things
*Find their E ZONE
*Enjoy having a go
*Look out for opportunities
Unsuccessful people
*Don’t have a go
*Don’t enjoy what they do
*Don’t see opportunities
*Don’t try new things


The winner this week of Springy and Sparkle is.....

William for pushing himself to do his best.  Well done William.