¡HOLA! Bienvenido a Spanish Club!

Spanish is spoken by about 350 million people worldwide as a first language, with a further 70 million speaking it as a second language.

It is the main language of Spain, and is also spoken as a first language in most countries in South and Central America (excluding Brazil), North America, and some other countries around the world.

So why learn Spanish?

  • Develop essential skills

Learning a foreign language perfectly complements the work we already do at Springfield House School to develop pupils communication, particularly in the areas of speaking, listening and recall.

  • Travel

Having the knowledge of another language can make visits to Spanish-speaking countries more enjoyable.

  • Easy to learn

Spanish is relatively easy to learn. The pronunciation takes some mastering but is regular in the sense that, once having learnt how to pronounce a certain sound, it can be applied consistently to other words.

  • Develop cultural awareness

Enriched learning to widen pupil’s knowledge of the world we live in and foster positive attitudes towards other cultures and speakers of other languages.

  • Improve self-esteem

Having the confidence to speak and understand another language, even if it is only a few basic words, really helps to make pupil’s feel good about themselves and their learning.

Although learning a Modern Foreign Language (MFL) is a compulsory element of the KS2 curriculum, in Spanish  we always emphasise and ensure that learning Spanish is FUN!!!

We learn through speaking and listening, singing, using PC software, DVDs, interactive activities and lots lots more…!!

Here are some useful internet links to sites to help you practise Spanish.