science weekScience week was celebrated and enjoyed all over                                   Springfield House School last week.  Photos will appear here                           soon to show you what we got up to.  Please check back soon.


Why is Science taught at Springfield House School?

Children have lots of questions about the world around us, and we aim to provide them with the necessary core scientific knowledge and investigative skills to answer their questions about those processes. Children are presented with opportunities to implement a variety of investigative skills, engaging and becoming more familiar with each of the elements of the scientific method as they progress through the school.

These include skills such as:

  • Generating their own lines of enquiry,
  • Making predictions,
  • Observing changes over time,
  • Collecting results in a variety of ways,
  • Drawing conclusions from their observations, and
  • Evaluating their own method and the reliability of their results.

Science is an integral part of our daily lives and our future and through our lessons we aim to arouse and nurture children’s natural curiosity of the world around them. 

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