Cherry Class

Welcome to the Cherry class website page. The children in our class are good humoured, kind and hard-working. Our classroom is located in the walled garden area of the school and we love playing outside in our own lovely garden and playground.  The adults who help us in our class are called Annie, Lizzie, Tracey, Bhavana and Marium.

Last half term our topic was Mountains and among other things, we found out about the different mountain ranges around the world and the names of the highest peaks. We learned how mountains are formed and how the climate changes as you move up them. We had a great time making plasticine model Earths and cutting them open to show the different layers of materials found under the surface. In our English lessons we read the collection of stories ‘The Day No One Was Angry’ by Toon Tellegen and Marc Boutavant. We wrote our own stories with messages based on some of the ones we particularly liked in the book. We started working with Commando Joe on Tuesdays and have had great fun as well as learning new skills. As well as all this we also celebrated World Book Day by creating a class presentation on influential women (as it coincided with International Women’s Day) and by dressing Annie up as ‘Where’s Wenda’ and hunting for her on the school lawn. During Science Week we dedicated all our lessons to science and had a super time being scientists and developing our curious natures.

Next term out topic is ‘The Great Outdoors’. We will be making use of our wonderful school grounds to get outside and explore and discover the natural treasures we are living amongst. Activities such as den building, creating natural art and growing plants and vegetables will be just some of the fun sessions we have planned. Our English lessons will be used to read and write poems inspired by the natural world as well as learning to write arguments for and against the building of new towns in rural areas. We will continue to work with Commando Joe on Tuesdays and on Fridays we will be going swimming at the local pool.

We can’t wait to share more of our adventures and great work with you so check back for photos and updates soon.