Willow Class

Welcome to Willow’s class page. Working with our Year four class is Hannah, Laurelle, Bhavna and Maz. This term we are starting a new Commando Joe’s mission where we will learn about the adventures of Kira Salak. She is a writer, adventurer and journalist who has spent her life conquering her fears and pushing herself to extremes.

The children will have an opportunity to write a range of text including postcards, fact sheets and poetry. We will read lots of information about Kira to learn more about her life and adventures. Through our topic lessons we will use atlases to locate countries that she has been to and compare them to our own.

Everything we do in our class will focus on the core values of ‘RESPECT’. The boys will be taught about the importance of resilience, empathy, self-awareness, positivity, excellence, communication and teamwork. In addition to this work in class we will also be going horse riding once a week. This is a fantastic opportunity for the boys. They will learn how to mount and dismount a horse safely, how to ride and care for the horses.

Below you will find some photos showing what we got up to last term. Lots of artwork was done running up to Christmas to create our own calendars to take home. You can see us taking part in some of the Bear Grylls missions and photos from our horse riding sessions.




Stop Right Now Song.