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Sound & Movement

Dave is in school all day Monday and in the morning on Wednesday.   He also supports celebrations such as the Jubilee, Christmas concerts and the Summer fayre. 

Sound Movements Projects 2022
Springfield House School
Music Provision
Tutor: Dave Claridge

• To facilitate participation in musical activities for pupils with special educational needs.
• To support pupils to provide creative input.
• To develop and share musical / social skills.
• To support cross curricular learning, develop key skills and build self - esteem.
• To build a positive emotional and learning environment within group based activities.
• To build confidence and provide pupils with a sense of ownership and achievement.

Key Areas:
1 Educational Support.
• songs with curricular themes.
• songs which develop literacy / numeracy skills.
• songs which develop sign language skills (BSL / Makaton).
• songs with a social or moral message.

2 Developing Social & Communication Skills.
• discussing songs and music in a group.
• making choices and expressing musical tastes.
• respecting others choices and working positively as a group.
• developing positive working relationships with staff and other group members.

3 Emotional & Intellectual Response to Music.
• demonstrating understanding of meaningful words & music.
• demonstrating understanding of feelings and mood affected and communicated through music.
• discussing material with social and moral content.
• support pupils with complex needs to express and share emotional input in a positive way.


1 Group Based Singing & Performance.

• take part in musical performances in classroom based activities.
• explore and discuss subject matter and emotional content within songs / musical pieces.
• develop positive group discussion and share constructive criticism.
• rehearse musical arrangements with aim to performing in front of an audience.
• support pupils to contribute to promotional material and other non - musical activities where appropriate.

2 Song Writing & Recording.

• to share knowledge, skills and feelings with aim to compose meaningful words and music.
• to discuss and develop empathy between individuals, pupils & staff through song writing / performance.
• support and encourage pupils to contribute to audio recordings made in class.
• produce MP3s / CDs / recordings which can be accessed out of music sessions and shared with other classes.
• encourage pupils to provide artwork and lyric sheets for a music media package.


D. Claridge
Sound Movements Projects
Special Schools Music Tutor