Springfield House Community Special School

PROUD of our Roots

The Big Seed Sow


At Springfield House we have once again been taking part in the Royal Horticultural Society's annual programme, The Big Seed Sow. This year we have shared a sunflower growing pack with each of our pupils, for them to enjoy with their families at home. This has been inspired by our good friends at Nuneaton Community Garden, who as part of their brand new 'Sunflower Street' project very generously shared sunflower packs with us so that all of our class groups could have a go at growing sunflowers in school.

In your family pack there are sunflower seeds (wrapped in silver foil), compost, a biodegradable grow pot to start your seeds off, and full growing instructions. You will need to put them on a windowsill, and then in a sunny spot outdoors, water them regularly and, if you like, provide them with plant food and a supporting bamboo cane later on. Hopefully by the end of the summer holidays you will have a lovely tall sunflower for everyone to admire.

As a bonus gift we have also included a packet of wildflower seeds to help you support bees, butterflies and other members of your local pollinator population.


Here is a very short video advising how to sow the seeds: Planting bee-friendly flower seeds (YouTube.com)


It's important that you don't just scatter your wildflower seeds on the back lawn as the grass will out-compete them and they won't survive. Instead choose a sunny spot, get rid of any weeds and expose the soil, raking the surface flat to create a seedbed for your wildflowers. Then sow sparingly – if you sow lots of seeds close together in a small space, plants will end up competing for light, space and water.

This is a brilliant activity which all the family can take part in. We would love to get your feedback on how you get on - please send any sunflower / wildflower photos you are willing to share to s.broadaway@spfldhs.bham.sch.uk and we will include them on this page.

Happy growing!