Springfield House Community Special School

PROUD of our Roots

Family Support/Pathfinder.  

Springfield House Community School and Pathfinder Birmingham are working together to support families.

Pathfinder Co-Ordinator:  Mel Cole  (Pathfinder School based)
Family Support Worker: Ann Bond


Pathfinder work directly in schools to deliver high quality family support and at the heart of what we do is build a safe trusted relationship between schools and families. We are based in schools like Springfield House Community School to work to co-ordinate services and advocate on behalf of families who would like to access support.

Our Values - Pathfinder Birmingham provide sustained, relational support to families through schools, grounded in our values of nurture, social justice and shared authority.

Shared Authority - Our aim is to work ‘alongside’ families bringing a wealth of expertise to address identified barriers in a supportive, non- judgemental approach that empowers families and builds resilience.

Commitment to social justice - Pathfinder staff will never promise something we are unable to deliver, we do not close cases. This means families will have access to ongoing support for as long as the need. 


We love working with children and their families and we're pleased to offer a wide range of support through Springfield House Community School which will be long term and flexible.  We are here to listen and support. 

We can offer signposting for:
Emotional wellbeing and Mental Health services
Housing/Energy Efficiency
Benefits such as PIP (DLA)/ Housing Fund
Food Support such as food banks and other social enterprises
Citizens Advice Bureau
                                                           Holiday clubs and other SEND clubs in your local area                                                                                _________________                          

We now have our Springfield Support Hub open and you are most welcome to book to come and meet with us on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays.  Younger children are welcome!  


    Birmingham Pathfinder,
    St. Nicholas Place,
    81, The Green,
    Kings Norton,
    B38 8RU