The Interim Executive Board.

What is an IEB and why has Springfield got one?

An Interim Executive Board (IEB) is a small body appointed on a short-term basis by a local authority to turn around a school that is judged to be in urgent need of improvement. An IEB replaces the governing body of a school that has either been placed in special measures or given notice to improve by Ofsted, or that has not complied with a warning notice from its local authority (LA).  Springfield House was placed in special Measures in March 2020 and therefore required an IEB.

The IEB's main functions are to secure a sound basis for future improvement in the school and promote high standards of educational achievement.


Members of Springfield House IEB.

George Craig -  George works as a self-employed Education Consultant and is Director of George Craig Consultancy Ltd.

Deborah James - Debbie has been Headteacher of Swanshurst School in Birmingham since 2015.  Ofsted’s last inspection in 2017, which judged the school as Outstanding, said “dynamic, determined and ambitious leadership has ensured that Swanshurst is an exceptionally effective school.

Kristina Murphy - Kristina is Director and Founder of Birmingham (Rubery) Schools Community Swop Shop. Established in 2018, this is a community organisation intended to help families by providing free school uniforms, PE kits, shoes, forest school clothes etc.

Helena Mandleberg - Helena works full time as a Teacher of Maths (KS4 Lead) at Tudor Grange Academy, Solihull where she is also a Governor on the Governing Board.  Helena has experience of governance in a special school setting having served as Chair of the Finance Committee at James Brindley School, Birmingham between April 2015 - July 2017

Michael York -  Michael is the director at Malachi Specialist Family Support Services with responsibility for strategic planning and business development.  His key skills include strategic thinking, project development, funding acquisition, project implementation and quality assurance.