science week       This year’s theme for science week was ‘discover and explore’. Our school have taken part in lots             of exciting activities related to  this theme including designing a tomato cart to transport                       tomatoes safely, building bird nests and making ocean grabbers. Across the school we researched            lots of famous scientists and explorers. This information was used to design informative posters                                        for our whole school competition. The four best ones were entered for the national competition.

                                   On Tuesday we had an exciting workshop day. The Science Boffins visited us and we carried lots of                                     amazing experiments. In the whole school assembly we learned about air pressure and flash paper                                       that is used by magicians. In our workshops we had the opportunity to make our own slime and ice-                                       cream. It was a brilliant day that was enjoyed by all.

                                   Lots of fun was had throughout science week. Have a look at the photos below to see what we did.


Why is Science taught at Springfield House School?

Children have lots of questions about the world around us, and we aim to provide them with the necessary core scientific knowledge and investigative skills to answer their questions about those processes. Children are presented with opportunities to implement a variety of investigative skills, engaging and becoming more familiar with each of the elements of the scientific method as they progress through the school.

These include skills such as:

  • Generating their own lines of enquiry,
  • Making predictions,
  • Observing changes over time,
  • Collecting results in a variety of ways,
  • Drawing conclusions from their observations, and
  • Evaluating their own method and the reliability of their results.

Science is an integral part of our daily lives and our future and through our lessons we aim to arouse and nurture children’s natural curiosity of the world around them. 

Science Policy