Cherry Class

Welcome to Cherry class.  We are a year three/four class located in the Walled Garden area of the school. We have a wonderful garden and play area right outside the door and make use of them whenever we can. The adults in our class are Annie (Teacher), Sarah (Teacher) Tracey and Narinder (Pastoral Learning Support). Annie only works four days a week; so on Thursdays when she is at home Sarah teaches the class.


Last term our topic was The Amazing Amazon. We had a great time learning about the mighty river and finding out about the countries it pasts through and the people who live there. We followed the route taken by Ed Stafford when he made his incredible two and a half year journey from mouth to source and explored the qualities he needed to complete his mission successfully.

We had great fun during our art and design sessions; creating rainforest mud pies, designing and making rain sticks and making rainforest tones and hints pictures, amongst other things.


This term our topic is Fantastic Folk Tales. We have some great activities planning including building the little pigs houses, designing a new bed for baby bear and growing our own bean stalks. Check out the Topic Grid for a more detailed look at what we have planned.


As you can see from the photos, we have worked hard last term; but we have also had a lot of fun! Revisit our page to see how we get on this term and to share in our achievements and success.