Cherry Class

Welcome to Cherry class.  We are a year three/four class located in the Walled Garden area of the school. We have a wonderful garden and play area right outside the door and will be making use of them whenever we can. The adults in our class are Annie (Teacher), Sarah (Teacher) Tracey, Narinder and Nazeem (Pastoral Learning Support). Annie only works four days a week; so on Thursdays when she is at home Sarah teaches the class. We will also be working closely with Holly class this year as they are our next door neighbours in the Walled Garden.


We will be starting the year with an exciting topic called “Amazing Amazon”.  We will learn about the modern-day English explorer, Ed Stafford and his incredible two and a half year journey along the Amazon River. We will examine current events in the Amazon Rainforest and try to explain it to the children on a level they can understand.


Our English lessons this term will link to our topic work where possible. We will start by focusing on basic skills such as sentence construction and learning to identify and use nouns, verbs and adjectives correctly. We will also learn to write list poems, fact files animals and instructions.  After half term we will read and write Incan myths and legends before taking part in Christmas themed writing activities.


Our maths lessons will cover units of work on place value, basic number skills such as developing our rapid recall of number bonds, adding, subtracting, comparing and ordering numbers.  We will move onto measuring length, using money and telling the time after half term.


During our topic lessons we will learn about the human and physical features of the Amazon River and Rainforest, including the countries the river flows through and the people who live on its banks. We will co-operatively create a large rainforest display, complete with native animals using a variety of techniques and mediums. We will also make blow pipes and rain sticks and a Rainforest Dirt Pudding to enjoy near the end of the first half term.  After half term we will concentrate on the ancient Inca civilisation and will design and make Incan masks and pyramids.


Our science lessons will focus on animals including humans. We will learn about how animals produce offspring and that they grow and change as they become adults.  We will find out about animals’ basic needs for survival and will learn why it is important to eat a healthy balanced diet, exercise and follow hygiene rules.  We will then move onto a new topic on light where we will learn about light sources, how shadows change depending on the position of the light source and how reflections are created before making our own shadow puppet shows.


Our PE lessons take place on Wednesday mornings and will do so for the rest of the year. For the first half term we will be developing our ball skills to enable us to play successful games of Handball. After the half term holiday we will be completing a unit of work on Orienteering. We will be learning teamwork and resilience skills in our Commando Joe sessions on Tuesday afternoons. 


As you can see we have lots planned and we are all going to be very busy; hopefully we will also be able to have lots of fun at the same time! 


13th Sept 2019


Topic Grids

The Amazing Amazon