Springfield House Community Special School

PROUD of our Roots


     Birch Class

You’re an engineer, a scientist, a maker of men (iron men, of course). Explore the scientific world of forces and magnetism, metals and materials. Expand your mind as you test and trial, build and move. Which force is at play as you slide down a slide or swing on a swing? Can you explain why magnets repel and attract? Can you make a penny look shiny and new or build a steel band from pots and pans? Then, meet Hogarth the Iron Man’s companion. The Iron Man wants a friend. Can you build him one? You must make him strong, sturdy and ready to rumble. If you were a metal, which one would you be? Gold, a shimmering, precious and costly mineral? Or steel, that strong and useful alloy? Maybe you’re iron, malleable and easy to shape, but ready to rust. Maybe you’re not a metal at all, but a force to be reckoned with.

This term we are launching our brand New curriculum across the school called Cornerstones. Birch class will be working together on the project Mighty Metals. They will be experimenting with different metals, forces and finding out lots of ways of making lots of useful items using this very versatile material.

We will of course be continuing with our RWI programme for phonics and reading but we will be using our exciting project learning to help us develop our English writing skills during morning project time.

In maths we will be following the White Rose Maths curriculum but mainly using our Numicon learning to develop our multiplication and division skills through grouping and sharing object, picture and then numbers.

We are really excited about our new project based learning and will have lots of pictures and videos to share on the Website and via our Twitter feed.


Any questions or concerns as always just give us a call.