RESPECT curriculum.

In September 2019 we introduced our ‘Commando Jo’ curriculum built around the RESPECT theme. Key to its success are the seven core values of RESPECT.  Staff teach pupils the importance of resilience, empathy, self-awareness. passion, excellence, communication and teamwork.  We want this to permeate all aspects of our school life. The learning of the national curriculum with the seven behaviour traits of the RESPECT acronym is an engaging and exciting way to equip our children for life beyond the classroom and promote positive physical and mental health.

Teachers provide pupils with a wide variety of opportunities to extend their learning across a range of subjects.   For example, pupils explore the journeys of inspirational characters from literature and history and consider what made them special.  They have opportunities to apply the skills learned in mathematics and English lessons as they build knowledge across the curriculum.  This will help each of our pupils to reach their full potential and support their health both physically and mentally.

Each theme involves:

  • eight missions
  • imaginative, engaging activities
  • meaningful, cross-curricular links 
  • essential skills tied to an activity
  • excitement in the classroom
  • holds the children's attention  
  • encourages children to share what they already know  
  • offers opportunities to teach skills in an interesting context
  • encourages children to ask questions and come up with ideas
  • learning through real life

Please see individual class pages for information on the themes each class is working on.