Theme Teaching

Theme Teaching is a method of engaging students with a particular topic, while allowing them to develop and practice the skills learned in the more traditional areas of the curriculum.  With the introduction of the 2014 National Curriculum we took the opportunity to introduce a brand new topic based curriculum which is not only vibrant and engaging but full flexibility which allows us to create an entirely bespoke curriculum to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our pupils.  Each topic involves an Imaginative Learning Project (ILP) which provide:

  • imaginative, engaging activities
  • meaningful, cross-curricular links between Programmes of Study
  • each subject area and essential skills tied to an activity
  • excitement in the classroom
  • holds the children's attention  
  • encourages children to share what they already know  
  • offers opportunities to teach skills in an interesting context
  • encourages children to ask questions and come up with ideas
  • learning through real life

Please see individual class pages for information on the topic each class is working on.